Benson Family Vocational Scholarship

The Benson Family is a long-time family in the Parachute area. Many family members were raised on a ranch up Parachute Creek about 8 miles. Ruth Benson, the family matriarch was a teacher for many years at the one room Granlee Schoolhouse “up the creek”. Education is very important to all members of the Benson family, many of whom still live in the area. There have been 6 generations of this family in the area with 3 of those generations graduating from Grand Valley High School.


The family gets together each summer for a reunion where an auction is held to raise money for the ongoing funding of these scholarships. As members of the family are lost, it is asked that donations be made to this scholarship fund. It has grown over the years and the family is happy to be able to contribute to the higher learning of graduating students from Grand Valley High School.

These scholarships are given in memory of 2 of the 7 children raised up the creek, Pam Brock and Bobbi Wambolt.

To apply please open and complete the link to the application then return to your guidance counselor or email it back to us at


Acceptance Deadline for all Scholarships

Friday May 13th 2022