Benson Family Academic Scholarship

The Benson Family led by Charlie and Ruth Benson, were native ranchers from this area and made every effort possible to educate their children. Ruth was a teacher at the one room Granlee Schoolhouse "up Parachute Creek" for many years and believed in the importance of education. All 7 of the Benson children graduated from Grand Valley High School and most went on to college. You can find their pictures in the hallways of the current high school, Roberta (Bobbi), Marjorie, Charline, Cade, Helen, Pam and Greg Benson.


This scholarship is given in the memory of all of the members of the family who are no longer with us and with great appreciation of the instillment of the importance of education that has been handed down to all of it's members.  


The $2,000.00,  two year scholarship ($500.00 paid per qualifying semester); is offered in the memory of Pam Brock and Bobbi Wambolt.


Note: Scholarships are paid directly to the college or university you are attending upon determination of eligibility that is listed on the application. 

To apply please open and complete the link to the application then return to your guidance counselor or email it back to us at


Acceptance Deadline for all Scholarships

Friday May 13th 2022