Pam Brock Academic Scholarship

Pam Brock was born in Parachute, Colorado, on December 7,1945, and attended the schools in this community.  Her parents, Charlie and Ruth Benson, were native ranchers from this area and made every effort possible to educate their children. After graduation from high school, Pam attended the University of Northern Colorado for one year and then moved to Montana State University where she attended school for another year. She married Riley McClung in 1967. Their son, Roy McClung was born in 1970 and has a B.S. degree in animal science from CSU. Their daughter, Amy,attended college for two years before marrying Chris Beasley. They now have three children and own the Old Mountain Gift Shop in Parachute.


Pam touched the hearts of everyone she knew. Her ready smile was welcomed by everyone in the community.  In 1998, Pam was awarded a contract as the rural mail carrier for the star route from Rifle, which included Highway 13 north of Rifle and Piceance Creek. She had many jobs prior to this, but being a letter carrier

was by far her favorite.  She was much like the mail carriers of years gone by who would carry messages and news from neighbor to neighbor.  Her mail route also gave her the opportunity to observe nature at its finest. Education was very important  to Pam. She never stopped learning as she often searched for more information about a bird she had seen on her route or a flower which bloomed along the highway.


The $2,000.00,  two year scholarship ($500.00 paid per qualifying semester); is offered in the memory of Pam Brock.


Note: Scholarships are paid directly to the college or university you are attending upon determination of elidigibity that is listed on the application. 

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Friday May 13th 2022